The Undertaker Tombstoned A Turkey On ‘The Tonight Show’

Yes, that’s a real headline.

In case you missed it, The Actual Undertaker showed up as part of a segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Fallon was taking suggestions from a suggestion box and drew, “You should have The Undertaker from WWE come out and Tombstone a guy in a turkey outfit on your show.”

Not only does Jimmy Fallon discover a way to summon The Undertaker, but he also summons former Raw general manager and guy who desperately needs to be back on TV BRAD MADDOX as the “guy in a turkey outfit.” Brad Maddox can now say he’s made an appearance on The Tonight Show. One Tombstone Piledriver later, and the suggestion is complete.

Thank goodness Taker didn’t have his soul completely harvested by Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family a couple of weeks ago or this segment would’ve been really awkward. “Oh, hey Jimmy, I’d like to help you do a funny thing but these swampbillies beat me up, carried me back to their bayou shack and usurped my urn-and-lightning-based mystical pro wrestling powers. Would you be okay with a chokeslam?”

Quick question: how do I get “Tombstone Jimmy Fallon” into the Tonight Show suggestion box? I’m asking for a friend.

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