The Undertaker Is Reportedly Returning To Saudi Arabia With WWE


As we were just reporting yesterday, nobody really knows for sure if there’s a WrestleMania match in the works this year for the Undertaker, and it currently looks somewhat doubtful. However, it looks like there is one WWE show this spring where he definitely plans to appear. According to Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the Undertaker will definitely be a part of WWE’s next show in Saudi Arabia, which is taking place on Friday, May 3. The show has not yet been promoted by WWE, and consequently doesn’t have an official name. It’s possible it will be Greatest Royal Rumble 2019, but attempting a second “Greatest” rumble doesn’t sound like a great idea.

Of course, there are those of us who continue to believe that doing propagandistic shows for a foreign government known to torture and kill journalists isn’t a great idea either, but it seems likely at this point that as long as the money is good, WWE will keep taking it. Last year they weathered the storm of everyone from U.S. Senators to John Oliver objecting to their last Saudi Arabian show going on in the wake of Jamal Khashoggi’s death, so it’s hard to imagine what would stop them now. Plus, Meltzer also reported recently that the Saudi Arabian shows make more money for WWE than WrestleMania does, which would make them hard to pass up (unless you care about human rights more than money, but that would be a lot to ask).