Human Meme John Cena Surprises Unsuspecting Fans With A Mariachi Band

It’s almost become a joke at this point for pro graps fans on the internet to say stuff like, “I hate John Cena the wrestler but I like John Cena the guy.” Well guess what, folks: This new video isn’t going to make this musclebound lunkhead any less lovable.

The Face That Usually Runs The Place (Except When He’s Out Rehabbing An Injury And/Or Filming season one Of Total Bellas) teamed up with cellphone provider Cricket Wireless to surprise — some might say troll — some of his biggest fans by bringing the “Unexpected John Cena” meme to life. Cena himself acknowledges that the meme is “sometimes annoying” before he begins thrusting himself through a paper banner of himself, like a snake shedding its skin, if that snake was also a 15-time World Champion.

From little kids to old men, no one is safe from Cena and his mariachi band buddies, who presumably played “The Time Is Now,” and not the weird off-brand version of the song Cricket created for this video. (It’s even weirder that this video is in partnership with WWE, who apparently would loan them their biggest superstar but not his iconic song which the whole concept of the prank is based upon. Shruggy shoulders guy?)

The behind-the-scenes video is worth a watch too, if only to see a self-proclaimed Cena superfan talk about how much he loved Cena’s “Chain Gang” persona and then proceed to sing the first line of “Basic Thuganomics” but gets literally every other word wrong. Stupid Sexy Cena. He always gets us flustered, too.