‘SNL’ Memes The Latest Promo For John Cena’s Episode

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12.08.16 3 Comments

It’s John Cena’s week to host Saturday Night Live and it’s quickly becoming one of the most anticipated episodes of the season. With only a few more to go before the show’s Christmas break, the writing crew can empty out their brains of sketch ideas and hand them over to the comedic stylings of Cena. The wrestling star has already proven his comedy chops in movies like Sisters and Trainwreck, with each film allowing him to be funny in different ways. Now SNL can offer him a variety of situations in which to shine as well.

The latest promo for this week’s show takes decades of iconic and ever-quotable moments from sketches that any fan would know — from Chris Farley’s motivational speaker Matt Foley to Molly Shannon’s high-kicking Sally O’Malley — and mashes them up with John Cena’s own meme. Whenever it makes sense with the wording, the “It’s John Cena” clip cuts in as an unexpected contribution to the video. Which, of course, is the whole point to the meme.

The video goes on for so long that the surprise eventually wears off, the gag grows old, and then it loops back around to being super funny again. Cena’s status as a pro wrestling icon is bound to be the subject of a spoof or two in the monologue and throughout the show on Saturday, so it’s only fair that the show gets started with the wrestling-themed humor a few days ahead of time to warm people up. If you didn’t know who was taking the stage as host yet this weekend, you do now because … it’s John Cena!

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