Former WWE Star Val Venis Is Now ‘Kaptain Kannabis,’ Weed Aficionado

That’s not a wrestling gimmick, but it should be.

In one of the most interesting “where are they now” stories to not involve injury and sadness, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Val Venis, aka wrestling porn star “The Big Valbowski,” is now legally selling weed from his Health 4 Life Dispensaries in Arizona and calling himself, “Kaptain Kannabis.” Yes, two Ks. Neither of those words starts with K. He’s even got a Web series, if you don’t believe me:

If you’d like a refresher course on Val, notable moments include starring in faux-pornos with Jenna Jameson, using homemade pornography to drive wedges between brothers and sisters, forcibly tattooing his initials on mens’ butts and almost having his penis chopped off with a sword. He was also a part of a group called “Right To Censor” that wouldn’t have approved of even legal marijuana sales, or anything I just listed and linked to.

For more information (or for the novelty of going to Arizona and buying weed from Val Venis), you can consult his YouTube channel. If you do go, please do me a favor and let him know “Keef Morley” would’ve been a way better Val Venis weed name.

(h/t to Daily Star)

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