Here’s Vampiro’s Heartfelt, Profane Rant In Defense Of Lucha Underground

There’s still no definitive word on the fate of Lucha Underground. However, I can’t shake the feeling that this Little Wrestling Show That Could ended up sending some very real shockwaves through the world of pro wrestling. Wrestlers from AAA who showed up at Dario’s temple appear to be in higher demand than ever, especially when you consider that two of independent wrestling’s biggest tournaments (PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles and Chikara’s King of Trios) brought in luchadores who were working exclusively in Mexico this time last year. So in this time of uncertainty and flux, Lucha Underground commentator and secret Sith lord Vampiro decided to get on Facebook and address the lucha faithful, saying, “I need to vent.” Here are some bits and pieces of the rant. Sorry in advance about the too/to and are/our misspellings.

“The major players who are deciding if we go in or not

You got billions of dollars between you

But you can’t buy fans, who have become family, like are brothers and sisters, world wide who are part of Lucha underground

Notice I did not say support

I said part of.

Really, with the LU fans

This is just another wrestling show.

Yeah, we bust are ass, and there are cool ass stories and all that

But, who made us legit are the people who watch the show, who LOOK for the show, who are on social media 24/7 pumping the show hard core, pimping it out at every turn…”

He’s absolutely right about the social media aspect. Even after just one season, the Twitter community for Lucha Underground felt huge. Vamp then continues to a very strange namedrop.

“We asked for love, we got mad mad mad love

Now, we are leaving to many people hanging for to long

We are hot, LU is the sh*t

But you f*ck around to much, and sooner or later
People forget about you

Look at justin bieber

Hey, he was the

F*cked around

Yeah he is back

But it’s not the same…”

First of all, Seth Rollins is The Man. Why would they say it every week if it wasn’t true? I get that Vampiro is making the case for striking while the iron is hot, these are just analogies I would never expect from a guy who used to hang out with The Misfits. He finishes by saying just how badly he wants to get back in business, and let’s face it, I think most of us want that, too.

“I really hope that we come back soon

Because I can’t front

LU has made me feel like living again
Like I have a family, a home

And I miss my brothers and sisters

To the powers that be!
We will go to war for you, give us what we need to succeed for you, let us fight this fight we will win, and at the end of the day, that means you win, brother.

It is what it is

One love


Preach it, Evil Canadian Pope.