Vince McMahon Totaled His Bentley Outside Of WWE Headquarters This Morning

Pro Wrestling Editor
03.21.17 34 Comments

WWE CEO and pro wrestling magnate Vince McMahon narrowly avoided death today (pictured, above) after totaling a Bentley less than mile away from WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT.

According to TMZ, the incident was minor, and thankfully Mr. McMahon left the scene in better condition than his car. From their report:

Multiple law enforcement sources confirm McMahon was driving his black Bentley when something went wrong. Another car was involved in the crash though it’s unclear exactly what happened.

Vince was seen walking around after the incident. Our sources say the whole thing was a “minor accident and everyone is okay.”

A Redditor with the news appropriate user handle “darthpoopballs” shared the following photo, courtesy of his wife’s cousin. So, Beru Poopballs?

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