WWE Wants Bradley Cooper To Play Vince McMahon In A Biopic, So Let’s Cast Everyone Else

10.02.17 11 months ago 35 Comments


Over the weekend, news broke (via PWInsider) that Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper had been offered the lead role in WWE Studios’ Pandemonium, a Vince McMahon biopic being co-produced by TriStar. They want a big name for the role, and while the news is currently “they offered it to him” and not “he is definitely playing Vinnie Mac,” we’ve decided to completely jump the gun and offer our A-list casting for most of the other important roles.

This is just a sampling of who we think should play who, so if this actually gets off the ground, look for future installments where we’re like, “uh, Anthony Hopkins playing Skinner! I don’t know!”

Vince McMahon – Bradley Cooper

Getty Image/20th Century Fox

Up first is the one WWE Studios has requested: The Hangover III star Bradley Cooper as Vincent Kennedy McMahon. I always thought Ray Liotta had more modern Vince in him, but if we’re heading back to the early-to-mid ’80s, you could do worse. Can Bobby Flay act?

Vince McMahon Sr. – Michael Keaton


If you’re making a movie about Vince Jr., you’ve gotta cast a heavy hitter for Vince Sr. I’d go with Michael Keaton, because look at them, and thanks to his role in The Founder, Keaton’s got experience playing game-changing businessmen. Whether that change is good or bad is up to the film and your interpretation, I guess.

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