Vince McMahon Offers A Free Month Of WWE Network In The Face Of Low Subscription Numbers

WWE revealed their third-quarter financial results today, and while WWE Network numbers aren’t disastrous, they’re still a long way from where they should be. They currently sit at 731,000, up about 30,000 from the last quarter, which may sound like mildly positive news, but it’s actually a disappointment considering WWE launched the Network internationally this past quarter and were almost certainly hoping for more than a 4% increase in subscribers. Then again, if they really wanted international subscribers they probably shouldn’t have made non-US versions of the service so limited and terrible.

Well, WWE’s shortcomings are the fans’ gain – after revealing the Network subscription numbers, Vince McMahon announced that they’ll be offering WWE Network free for he entire month of November. Damn. Even better, the somewhat irksome six-month commitment has been lifted, so you could, technically, enjoy your free month of WWE Network, then scram, never having paid a cent, although you wouldn’t do a mean thing like that, now would you?

Here’s Vince announcing the free month and stealing Daniel Bryan’s heat…

What do you folks think? Desperation or a good move? I really do think the six month thing was a disincentive – if you’re going to be the Netflix of wrestling you’ve gotta play by Netflix’s rules.

via Wrestling Inc.