Vince McMahon Returned To WWE TV For The First Time This Year, Kicked Roman Reigns In The Junk

Following the fallout from TLC, WWE Chairman and power-strutting super villain Vince McMahon returned to WWE TV for the first time in over a year.

Vinnie Mac showed up to interrupt a Bo Dallas vs. R-Truth match (sure to be a ratings bump itself), which you can check out below:

That was followed by an in-ring confrontation between McMahon and Roman Reigns, who spent the final several minutes of TLC brutally dismantling McMahon’s son-in-law, Triple H. Roman was Roman, meaning he immediately went for a “something’s wrong with your balls” observation. McMahon’s response? Boot Roman Reigns in the tater tots. That’s how you do it, ladies and gentlemen. Confrontationally relaxed guy insulting your manhood? Go knee-deep.

McMahon agreed to give Reigns another shot at Sheamus and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, under one condition: if Roman fails to win the championship on Raw, he’s fired. Sorry … hhhhhhhheeeeeeee’s faaaaaaahhhhhhhrrrrrrd.

The show could end with Vince getting speared or wandering into an exploding limo, so in case this is a one-off appearance and not the regular television return of WWE’s greatest antagonist — fictional and otherwise — accept this GIF, as a memorial to pro wrestling’s greatest and longest-lasting ridiculous walk.

(You still got it.)