Stunners And Bedpans: A Brief History Of Vince McMahon Catching A Beatdown On TV

WWE kingpin Vince McMahon isn’t afraid to mix it up in the squared circle with his wrestlers, and that’s part of what makes him endearing to the WWE Universe. He’s famously gone on record to say that he wouldn’t ask any of his performers to do anything he wouldn’t do himself, and, thus far, he’s been 100 percent correct about that statement.

Through the years, Vinnie Mac has taken tons of beatings from superstars, but here, we’re focusing on some of the instances in which he got his ass handed to him on TV, whether it be Raw or Smackdown. Vinnie’s been in plenty of PPV matches, and those don’t count here, but there’s been so many beatdowns of Vince that we could write a novel about it. Anyway, without further ado, here’s Vince McMahon getting slapped around on TV by his own employees.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Back when Vince McMahon was playing anther character — that of a color commentator at live WWF events — those in the “know” knew that he was also the owner of the WWF. But a highly volatile angle in the organization during the late ’90s threatened to separate the owner and the commentator when Vince became “Mr. McMahon,” the mortal enemy of his No. 1 star, Stone Cold Steve Austin. The two had not seen eye-to-eye, but this incident on RAW fueled what would become one of the biggest feuds in modern wrestling history. It wasn’t the last time that “The Rattlesnake” would assault Vince McMahon, but, at the moment, it made for shocking TV.

Just for good measure, here’s another Stone Cold beatdown on RAW

And who could forget the Stone Cold bedpan attack:

The Rock

In 1998, The Rock pulled one of the greatest swerves of all-time when he aligned himself with Vince McMahon after his turn at the Survivor Series world title tournament. It wouldn’t take very long, though, for The People’s Champ and The Boss to fall out of each other’s good graces, as evidenced by this clip from Smackdown in 2001. Like Stone Cold, Rocky has placed many beatings on McMahon, but this one was special due to Vinnie’s pants being placed down at his ankles.


Nexus was a group of rookie WWE superstars who had formed a coalition with the goal of taking out the more established stars in the business. For one reason or another, Vince McMahon thought he was immune to the violence perpetrated by the faction, but, as he learned on one episode of RAW, even he was fodder for a vicious beatdown by the ragtag group.

Randy Orton

Perhaps one of the most violent moments in all of sports-entertainment came about when Randy Orton went on a punt-kicking spree to various members of the McMahon family. These weren’t just feigned, air-ball kicks that barely grazed the heads of his victims, but Orton was really laying in the boots so to speak to many in WWE, and Vince McMahon was no different. When Orton connected with Vince’s head, you could see the CEO’s head snap back in violent fashion, and it really blurred the line of fiction and reality. Vince once again proved that he has no problem taking one for the team.

The Undertaker & Kane

When The Brothers of Destruction — Kane & Undertaker — took offense to McMahon’s handling of the world title situation, the duo took the heavy steel steps and slammed them on the leg of the boss. The incident caused the CEO to be confined to a wheelchair for quite some time.

Triple H

This one is more of an extended beating on Vince McMahon during this world title match — yes, you heard that right — as Trips defended his championship against Vinnie Mac. While Vince took the brunt of the punishment here, the chairman actually came out victorious with the title in hand after inference from Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Shawn Michaels

Several years before their battle at WrestleMania, Vince McMahon got his first taste of Sweet Chin Music when he fired Shawn Michaels from his post as the commissioner of RAW. The kick seemingly came out of nowhere, but many of Shawn’s devastating super kicks usually do.

CM Punk

When CM Punk was running around as a heel champion during the height of his WWE run, he actually had a RAW match with the owner, Vince McMahon. While the match didn’t get to see the comeuppance that McMahon usually gets in his physical feuds — thanks to Ryback and John Cena — he did get a fair share of beatings, courtesy of the Second City Saint.

Brock Lesnar

When Brock returned to WWE a few years ago, no one was safe, and that included Vince McMahon. In a segment in which he basically dared the Beast to lay his hands on him, Brock made the chairman pay for it dearly with an F5. At 70 now, it might be few and far between before we see Vinnie Mac receive more beatings at the hands of his employees, but it sure as hell was fun while it lasted.