Vince Vaughn Might Be Playing Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts In WWE’s Paige Biopic

It’s barely been a week since The Rock announced he’d be producing a movie based on the life of WWE Superstar Paige and her family, and the casting announcements have already been bonkers-awesome. First up was the one-two punch of Game of Thrones Lena Headey and Shaun of the Dead‘s Nick Frost. And now we’ve got something that is truly money baby, yeah. Oh, behave!

The latest casting announcement was posted on The Rock’s Instagram account on Tuesday and it’s a doozy. Vince Vaughn, probably best known for his work in Clay Pigeons, has signed on to play an “’80s wrestling star.” Based on The Rock’s description, wrestling fans immediately started connecting dots and the best theory at this point is that he’ll portray Jake “The Snake” Roberts … or a fictional representation thereof.

Our @sevenbucksprod is excited to welcome Vince Vaughn to our #FightingWithMyFamily cast. He loved the script and sank his teeth into it embodying this character. He’s playing a man who I know all too well and those of you who follow wrestling history know well too. The 80’s wrestling star who squandered his money and opportunities because he didn’t have the capacity to handle his fame. One bad decision after another, but these days he owns his past actions and does everything he can to give back to the wrestling business he loves. Vince has been a buddy of mine for years and I’m fired up to see what he brings to this role. I grew up in and love this wild, crazy and unpredictable world of pro wrestling. Our little passion project is coming together nicely. More casting news to come. Production starts tomorrow. Let’s shoot!

Based on The Rock’s “a man I know all too well” wording, the movie probably isn’t going to “Randy The Ram” this role. Not to jump to conclusions, but … man, that rundown suuuuure sounds like Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Vince Vaughn playing an aging wrestling superstar in the same movie where Nick Frost and Lena Headey are (probably) playing proud but wacky pro wrestling parents.

Thank you, Rock, for bringing us this absolute brain-bending weirdness. Let the casting mindfreaks continue until we can no longer cope with them.