Vintage Best And Worst: WWE NXT 11/30/10 Season 3 Episode 13

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Worst: Kelly Kelly Wishes She Could Be Here, But She Just Loves America Too Damn Much

Naomi’s Pro Kelly Kelly can’t be here for the finale of the 13-week contest in which her rookie is a finalist because she, Big Show and Eve Torres are on an overseas trip to entertain the troops. It’s something she “looks forward to all year,” and it’s the “only thing” keeping her from being at NXT. That’s got to be the best babyface excuse for getting out of work ever. “Oh yeah hey sorry Naomi, I really want to come clap beside you for 45 minutes of a show everybody hates but THESE TROOPS need to be entertained, and they’re gonna go into war all sad and depressed if I don’t show up in hot pants and point at them.”

Worst: The “What Do We Have Left For These Women To Do” Challenge(s)

NXT was pretty much out of ideas for contests and challenges circa episode 6 when they gave them airhorns and asked them to answer questions like “who is Triple H,” so the 2-girl finale is basically a blank sheet of paper with GAME SHOW written on it in crayon. They have two challenges:

1. spend one minute talking about their Pro
2. spend one minute talking about their opponent

Matt Striker says “we’ve seen Diss The Diva, but this is SO MUCH MORE INTENSE and ONE-ON-ONE and also INTENSE and INTENSELY IMPORTANT.” He tries his best to differentiate it from season 3’s 200 other “spend one minute talking about something” challenges, but Cole and Josh start laughing at him so he takes it home.