Vintage Best And Worst: WWE NXT 9/7/10 Season 3 Episode 1

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Before We Begin

Here is a field guide to your NXT season 3 rookies and pros.

Rookie: Naomi
Pro: Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly started off as an exhibitionist. That meant she liked to take off her clothes! She parlayed that into a series of backstage almost-romances (both onscreen and off), a run as 1/3 of an ECW-themed dance troupe and a 7-year WWE career where she held the Divas Championship despite never once properly hitting the ropes. She was really good at pointing at people and smiling, and for a while that’s all you needed to be the top Diva. When I say “for a while” I mean “forever.” Her real name is Barbie Blank, which is a better wrestling name than “Kelly Kelly” and perfectly describes her.