Vintage Best And Worst: WWF King Of The Ring 1996

David D. here again (Follow me on the Twitter).

Nothing much to say here but thanks for the kind words about my first ever Best & Worst. I had a blast writing it. I took your suggestions into consideration and I’ll going mostly in order, skipping a few here and there and taking breaks if you feel particularly passionate about a specific event.

With that said, the next installment is WCW Hog Wild 1996, which features one of the most uncomfortable moments in wrestling ever.

So without further ado, here’s the WWF’s King of The Ring 1996, which took place just a few weeks before WCW’s Bash 96. Which is absolutely insane.

Best: WWF Production Team

Hindsight is 20/20, so it’s easy for me to look back at WWF and WCW pay-per-views and say that I knew all along that the WWF would win the war. Because back in the 90s, I had no clue who would come out on top. But just watching the two companies put on events side-by-side and it’s just clear that Vince was going to win.

And it all starts with the production. Even when I was watching the 1993 pay-per-views on the Network, seeing Giant Gonzalez chloroform Undertaker in WWF and Sting vs. Vader tear it up in WCW, I still found myself more excited about WWF events because they just seemed bigger. What Vince knows beyond anyone else is spectacle. And nobody does it better.