Viva La Raza! Chavo Guerrero Gains Superpowers From Dragon’s Blood In A New Comic Book.

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Lion Forge

What does a pro wrestling lifer do when their career starts to wane? Especially if said career will mostly be remembered for the times you drove your cousin’s lowriders and that six months where you lost to a leprechaun ever week? If you guessed “descend into full-on self delusion with a terrible comic book series starring yourself” you got it in one!

Yup, Chavo Guerrero is lending his likeness to a comic series entitled Warriors Creed in which he gains superpowers from a sacred Aztec lagoon filled with dragon’s blood, which he uses to defeat the mafia. Soooo, is this based on a true story? Yes?


Lion Force Comics

The book will be written by frequent Rob Liefeld collaborator Fabian Nicieza, and will be published by Lion Forge Comics. I’ve never really heard of Lion Forge before, but they publish a lot of uh, intresting stuff like a comic based on “classic” 90s full-motion video game Night Trap, an oddly wholesome-looking series starring 2011 Playmate of the Year, Claire Sinclair…


Lion Forge Comics



Lion Forge Comics

Hopefully after Chavo defeats all organized crime everywhere in Warriors Creed #1, he descends under the ring on a mission of REVENGE in issue #2.

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