WWE Announced The Official Rules For The NXT TakeOver WarGames Match

The month of November means WWE is going to present Survivor Series on November 19, but the NXT Takeover event one night earlier on November 18 might overshadow because the highly anticipated WarGames match. It’s the first ever WarGames in WWE history after the match was created by Dusty Rhodes for the NWA/WCW.

A lot of WWE fans have been hoping for WWE to do a WarGames match ever since they acquired WCW in 2001. Here we are 16 years later and it’s finally going to happen.

A traditional WarGames match usually saw teams of four or five men wrestle a match in two rings side by side with a cage surrounding both rings and there was a roof on top. However, when WWE does the match on November 18 in Houston, it will involve three teams of three. Since they have put their own twist on the match, WWE had to tweak the rules a bit. Here are the complete rules for the match courtesy of WWE.com:

* The three-member teams of SAnitY (Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe & Killian Dain), Undisputed ERA (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly), and The Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar) & Roderick Strong will wage war inside a massive steel cage that surrounds TWO rings.

* All three teams will be contained inside separate shark cages by the entranceway, with a member from each team (as chosen by his respective squad) starting the match.

* After five minutes, the remaining members from one team will be released from their shark cage and allowed to enter the match.

* When another three-minute period elapses, the remaining members from a second team are released from their shark cage and enter the match.

* Following another three-minute period, the final team’s members are released from their shark cage and enter the match.

* Once all three teams have entered the WarGames Match, a victory can be attained via pinfall or submission.

All three teams did promos for the match, which you can watch below.

It’s going to be an awesome match. If you’ve never seen a WarGames match, they are available on WWE Network and most of them are definitely worth your time. I’d avoid 1998, though, unless you really love the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan.

If you’re curious about how the WarGames match started, here’s the late, great Dusty Rhodes explaining it.