Watch Braun Strowman Attempt To Eat A 7-Pound Fish Sandwich

11.06.17 8 months ago 12 Comments

Braun Stowman is a large human. More specifically, Braun Strowman is a 6’8, 385-pound human. Being that size comes with some advantages, one of which being your requirement to eat an obscenely large amount of food to maintain your weight and muscle.

We’ve already documented Strowman’s undying love for Chipotle. In fact, we even tried to each as much Chipotle as the Monster Among Men, himself, but his latest food challenge is something nobody should be crazy enough to try. WWE was in Baltimore at the end of October, and Strowman couldn’t leave the area without trying Jimmy’s Seafood’s famous Seafood UFO challenge.

The sandwich weighs seven pounds, and it’ll run you $100. It was even featured on Food Network’s Ginormous Foods. Food Network described it as “boasting a seemingly otherworldly size, The Seafood UFO from Jimmy’s Famous Seafood surely delivers on the promise of seafood. Not only does this 13-inch-wide sandwich feature a 2-pound crab cake alongside fried crab-studded macaroni and cheese rounds, but there are also two variations on shrimp and juicy fried oysters — all piled high on bread.”

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