Watch ‘Looney Reigns,’ The Ultimate Mash-Up Of Bad Roman Reigns Promos

If you’re like us, you’ve been loving watching Roman Reigns try to force his way through Vince McMahon-penned promos and fail spectacularly. The flailing began during his Via Satellite injury updates, wherein he said he wished he was there to “cock this here fist and make it ran in that bitch.” Since then he’s dug the hole deeper and deeper, arguably peaking by dropping “sufferin’ succotash son” and a wordy Jack and the Beanstalk parable back-to-back.

DalyxmanV2 has compiled Roman’s recent struggles into this Looney Tunes-bookended mash-up, and it’s all you need the next time someone tweets you with, “I don’t understand the Roman Reigns hate!” Send them this with the message, “I don’t want my succotash to suffer any more.”