Watch NXT’s Charlotte, Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks Make Their WWE Main Roster Debuts

We finally made it to the fireworks factory.

The segment began with Nikki Bella (and Team Bella) bragging about her championship accomplishments, and how she “runs” the Divas Division. That raised the attention of Stephanie McMahon, who agreed that Team Bella had been unstoppable, but said that the rise of women in pro sports necessitated a change in the Divas division … right now. Stephanie brought out Paige, but said Paige needed backup: enter NXT’s Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Charlotte previously appeared on Raw in a losing effort to Natalya, but we’re gonna consider this a do-over.

That brought out Tamina and Naomi to explain that they’re all the competition the Divas division needed, so Stephanie introduced them to someone who thinks like they do: current NXT Champion “The Boss” Sasha Banks.

All three teams came to blows, with the NXT women wrecking Team Bella with their signature submission holds. At the end, Paige, Charlotte and Becky stood face-to-face with Tamina, Naomi and Sasha while Team Bella covered their mouths and backed up the ramp, defeated. The crowd chanted, “THIS IS AWESOME,” and it WAS. It’s hyperbole I guess, but for one night at least, the Divas division became the coolest thing in wrestling.

Michael Cole saying “women’s wrestling” on Raw is long overdue.