Watch Stone Cold Steve Austin Fight A Biker Gang In Bad Bunny’s New Music Video

Trap and reggaeton artist Bad Bunny has made his love for pro wrestling well known and incorporated it in his music career several times. He referenced Eddie Guerrero in his verse on Cardi B’s ‘I Like It,’ wore one of Guerrero’s shirts in the video for ‘Mia,’ and Ric Flair appeared in the ‘Chambea’ video.

In Bunny’s most recent music video, this one for his 2018 song “¿Quién Tu Eres?,” he hangs out with another wrestling legend – ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

The video follows Bad Bunny and Chucheto as they get into a brawl with a biker gang. When the two friends are surrounded by bikers near a truck, Steve Austin bursts out of the back and helps Bunny and Chucheto fight off their enemies. Of course, one of the bikers eats a Stone Cold Stunner from the WWE icon, which is followed by Bunny doing Austin’s signature taunt.


After the fight is over, Bunny and Austin celebrate with beers. In the background, Chucheto lights a sign bearing the name of Bunny’s latest album on fire, oddly an homage to the appearance made by Austin’s greatest rival, The Rock, at WrestleMania 32 in 2016. Overall, it’s a fun video that sees Bad Bunny play out the type of fantasy every Austin fan has had at least once.