Noted Sweetheart The Rock Made This Adorable Little Girl’s Day

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is currently busy shooting a movie with Kevin Hart called Central Intelligence, but he’s not so busy that he can’t help make a little girl’s day. Here’s how he described the situation on Instagram:

When beautiful little 2yr old Kai visits our set and she wants to “pull the airplane” all by herself. Well, she gets to pull the airplane… all by herself. #GreatJobHoney #AmazingStrengthYouHave #UncleRockPullsAHamstring #OnSet #AwesomeMemories #CentralIntelligence.

As if having to carry Kevin Hart wasn’t enough, he’s now helping this 2-year-old drag planes around. But that’s why everyone — especially Hollywood — loves The Rock. He’ll come in and help you with anything, whether it’s getting married or making people care about Shazam. #GreatJobRocky #UncleRockPullsHeartstrings #AwesomeDude.