Watch This Pro Gamer Celebrate His Tournament Win With A Stone Cold Stunner

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How do you celebrate a (presumably) hard-fought video-game victory? The same way you celebrate a graduation, apparently: Stone Cold Stunning the nearest (hopefully consenting) person to you.

Gamer “K-Brad,” part of the e-sports team — those are real things, assures the girl who writes about pro wrestling all day — Evil Geniuses celebrated a semi-final victory during the CEO gaming tournament by climbing the turnbuckle, smashing some cans together, and then delivering a Stone Cold Stunner. It doesn’t look like he locks in the cravat totally, but if I could celebrate everything with, at the very least, one of the 52 variations of a Diamond Cutter, I totally would.

I mean, it would certainly liven up your grandparents’ wedding anniversary, don’t you think? Smash two cans of prune juice, douse yourself at the dinner table, then stunner your nan? I’m all in.

Sorry, Nan.