Wavves Turned Their ‘Way Too Much’ Video Into A Street Fight

A while back, we told you about CM Punk popping up in the music video for Frank Turner’s “The Next Storm.” First of all, I hope you’re all listening to Turner’s album, because it’s well worth your time. But secondly, I don’t know if we’re beginning to see a trend emerge here, but we’ve now got another wrestling-heavy music video that should be on your radar, this time from San Diego indie rockers Wavves. Let’s hold off on declaring Rock ‘n’ Wrestling 2.0 just yet and take this one for what it is. I hope you like deathmatches!

[protected-iframe id=”cb51698e41c106fa867a2c87cb7feb7d-60970621-19917426″ info=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/gPdx7Il9DrM” width=”650″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

Barbed wire, light tubes, the whole nine yards. Not quite Cero Miedo, but still pretty intense. The action you’re seeing here is from a real promotion, by the way. Hailing from Los Angeles, Underground Empire Wrestling is where you’ll find action like this. Wavves frontman Nathan Williams has been a wrestling fan for a long time, but his first UEW show really blew him away. Over at Rolling Stone, he talks about how unprepared he was for the violence.

“They had a baseball bat with duct tape wrapped around it, and thumbtacks stuck in there, and they were hitting each other in the head with it. They were telling you seconds before, ‘Get the f*ck out of the way, because someone’s about to be tossed through all of the chairs you were just sitting in.’ And then when you’d set your chair back up again, there’d be a bloody handprint on it.”

Just in case you’ve never been to an independent wrestling show, that’s one of the cardinal rules — get the hell out of the way if someone sets up a dive in your general direction. Just grab your beer and get out of Dodge, your chair will (probably) be there when you get back. Williams also mentions being an old-school ECW fan and speculates what might happen if he was a guest at Monday Night Raw.

“I wanted to be RVD when I was younger, I thought he was a cool dude; he was a stoner and a karate expert…

When Machine Gun Kelly was on Raw, he got powerbombed by Kevin Owens. He’s my favorite wrestler – him and the New Day – so something like that would be crazy.”

Not a bad selection of favorites, right? If Wavves ever needs a brass section, I think they know a trombone player who’d be willing to help out.