The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 9/8/97: All My Rowdy Friends

Previously on the Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro: The New World Order pissed everyone off to a legendary degree by parodying the Arn Anderson retirement promo and making it about how he’s a drunk leper. Also, Nitro continued to explain its mission statement, which is, “WCW is terrible.”

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And now, the best and worst of WCW Monday Nitro, originally aired on September 8, 1997.

Worst: The Horsemen Are Pissed, Do Nothing

This week’s episode starts off with a very WCW bit about how Tony Schiavone refuses to “play the tape” of the nWo’s Arn parody, Eric Bischoff shows up to make him play it anyway, and the Horsemen show up about 30 seconds in to run Bisch off and stop it. Very few things in WCW seemed as serious as whether or not they had VHS tapes of things to show, and whether or not they’d be shown.

Anyway, the Horsemen start off the show with what should be a hot, fired-up, passionate babyface promo that ends with them beating the shit out of the nWo for what they did. Instead, they try to do the promo in Milwaukee, where Steve McMichael is public enemy #76, and he heels on them for being cheeseheads. Flair and Hennig try to salvage it by saying they want revenge and want the nWo in a match right here, right now, so of course nothing happens. They aren’t leaving until they get what they want, so security shows up and the Horsemen leave. Derp.

And they DO get a tag team match later in the night against Konnan and Buff Bagwell, which they wrestle without any fire like it’s a normal tag team match and win with their signature wrestling holds instead of violent punching. And you wonder why nobody took the Horsemen seriously after this?

Please use “Buff Bagwell sipping tea dot GIF” for any future Four Horsemen angle discussion.