The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 9/9/96: Beware Of False Stingers

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09.30.15 27 Comments

Pre-show notes: Click here to watch this week’s episode on WWE Network. If you’d like to read about previous episodes, check out the WCW Monday Nitro tag page. We also do a retro Best and Worst of WWF Monday Night Raw to coincide with the Nitro report.

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And now, please enjoy from the vintage Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro for Sept. 9, 1996.

Best: What Is Happening

Let’s start this week off right, with a Mexican rap mascot teabagging an Asian stereotype.

The guy on top is “Super Caló,” one of the many luchadores not as good as Rey Mysterio Jr. that WCW brought in to have matches with Rey Mysterio Jr. The scale has “Rey Mysterio Jr.” and “La Parka” on each end; they’re both spectacular in different ways, but the closer you get to the middle-point between them, the more unremarkable you are and the less anyone remembers you. Super Caló’s right in the middle. I think the most memorable thing about him is the announcer’s deadpanning jokes about how his hat and glasses never come off. His Wikipedia page tells the story: “Caló never achieved much success in WCW, opting to return to Mexico after working for the company off and on for a couple of years.” That’s the entire thing. “He worked there sometimes, and it was whatever.”

The guy on the bottom is Pat Tanaka, a 12-year veteran from Hawaii who decided that 1996 was the perfect time to start acting and dressing like Joe Jitsu from Dick Tracy. If your knowledge of ’90s wrestling exclusively comes from reading these columns, you’ll remember Tanaka as the guy who cosplayed Tiger Mask at the Great American Bash.

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