The Best And Worst Of WCW Thunder 2/5/98: Dusty’s Trail

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I keep asking myself that same question

Previously on the Best and Worst of WCW Thunder: Diamond Dallas Page defeated Sick Boy using the Lucy Van Pelt method, rock ‘n’ roll incest legend Jerry Lee Lewis joined Raven’s Flock, and a graphics malfunction confused Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Seriously, if you didn’t read last week’s show report, go do that, it’s insane.

If you’d like to watch this week’s episode on WWE Network, click here. In the coming weeks you’ll be able to read all the Thunder recaps on its UPROXX tag page, and of course if you’re reading these, you’re hopefully reading the corresponding Nitro bits as well.

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And now, the Best and Worst of WCW Thunder for February 5, 1998.

Best: The Veiny Hubris Of Jim Powers

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This GIF is so hilarious to me. I know William Scott Goldberg’s not really “Goldberg” in so many words yet, but watching Jim Powers think he drained 100% of his opponent’s HP with one (1) bad knee lift and turning around to celebrate it like he just nailed a desperation superkick at minute 62 is great. Goldberg puts that dude in the ground. Goldberg spears always look better when the guy sells it by having his legs trapped and just snapping his entire torso back flat, instead of that “jumping backwards” thing people usually do. Both sells are fine, but the snap back gives the move weight, and gives gravity to the sell, figuratively and literally.

And yes, I still can’t stop noticing the vascularity of Jim Powers’ armpits. He’s got so many muscles he’s got a dedicated armpit day at the gym. Just standing in the squat rack blasting his pits with a Thighmaster for an entire Wednesday. Oh, and I still think naming a wrestler “Jim Powers” is like naming a doctor “Hospital Medicine.”