This Wedding Disaster Gets Even Better With Wrestling Commentary

07.22.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

Weddings are usually happy times, the reception doubly so. However, when a groomsman gets TOO TURNT, things go downhill fast. Deciding that an impromptu floor routine is in order, this gent starts rounding off back handsprings and DESTROYS his bridesmaid companion.

Naturally, an event like this can only be properly celebrated by pairing the moment with an over the top wrestling announcer. Enter former TNA hype man Don West and his love for A.J. Styles’ Pele kick. While West might lack the familiarity of Jim Ross bellowing that the bridesmaid has a damn family, Don more than makes up for it in sheer exuberance.

No word on whether or not this groomsman will be showing up in the Bullet Club anytime soon.

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