Matt Hardy Livestreamed Himself Making Faces And Getting Yelled At For Five Minutes

Pro wrestling is an art form. It’s physically strenuous, but in order to make something truly special, one has to balance that athletic ability with commitment to character, storytelling, and psychology. When it’s done right, it can transcend a simple match and turn into something beautiful. That said, at its heart, pro wrestling is also very stupid. And this, well … this is very stupid, indeed.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, Matt Hardy has slowly, but surely gone off the rails on Impact Wrestling. For one thing, this is what he looks like now:

Yes, that’s his wife and baby accompanying him to the ring. And the real one, not the fake one she threw at his brother Jeff in what might be one of the best or worst Impact Wrestling segments of all time (though we’re biased and love this EC3 parody a little more). Not only did this segment’s popularity spawn a parody and a feud between Matt and our very own Jessica Hudnall over “Keyboard Matt,” but it gave the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion license to get weird as f-ck.

After his loss at Slammiversary to his brother Jeff, Matt decided to spend almost a full five minutes making faces at his phone and getting yelled at by his hotel neighbors. And you know what? We dig it. More being unabashedly crazy and less of this, please: