What ‘WWE Raw’ Would Look Like As A 1990s Sitcom

We’re living in a golden age of comedy, folks.

A few years ago you’d have to wait for some random stranger on YouTube to add a filter to WWE Raw footage and upload RAW AS 90S SITCOM. Now, WWE employs people to make WWE parody videos. Remember when Game of Thrones got the 1995 opening credits treatment? HBO didn’t make that. AMC didn’t reimagine Breaking Bad as a feel-good drama.

Straight from God’s brain to your mouth!

What would the opening of Raw look like if the show was sandwiched between “Full House” and “Family Matters” on TGIF? Find out in our hilarious reimagining of WWE’s flagship show as a ’90s sitcom.

Dean Ambrose’s Shield Turn Face being his title card is especially funny, and if you didn’t pop for the AND BO DALLAS screen I don’t want to be your friend. Next we should try to imagine Raw as a show with competent writing and good acting!