What’s Keeping WWE Network Out Of England Now? Electrical Tape.

Last week WWE embarrassed itself by attempting to launch WWE Network in the UK to coincide with an international tour, only to pull the plug at the last minute. The problem? They’re still on that UK tour, and now all their stuff’s covered in WWE Network logos.

Easy fix. Here’s a shot of the ring during Saturday’s show in England, courtesy of our friend John Canton of TJR Wrestling. See if you can spot the subtle change:

Yep. Just cover it up with tape. Nobody’ll know! Besides, YouTube still exists. If a guy in England wants to watch World War 3 1995 he can do it on YouTube like a caveman.

WWE should do this more often. Put a disclaimer at the beginning of WrestleMania XX. “During the main event, please place a strip of black electrical tape across your television. Viewer discretion is advised.”