What’s Next For Former SmackDown GM Paige?

12.19.18 7 months ago 30 Comments


Last night in the opening segment of Smackdown Live, Paige was relieved of her duties as General Manager, although Shane McMahon promised “She’s not going anywhere, just the role has changed.” It’s irritating that the McMahons are responding to Raw’s problems by fixing Smackdown, which wasn’t broken, but I’m not here to dwell on that too much today. I loved Paige as Smackdown GM, and now that she’s been pushed out of that role, I’m anxious to see what the next stage of her career will be. Please bear with me as I contemplate some possibilities for Paige’s next step.

Promoting Fighting With My Family

This is almost certainly her immediate future. The Rock and Stephen Merchant’s movie about her life comes out in February, and although she’s not acting in it (much to Zelina Vega’s amusement), it’s still likely she’ll be a part of the press tour. In a month or so we’ll probably see Paige, Florence Pugh, and the Rock peeling stickers off of printed out Google searches on Wired’s YouTube page. Honestly, if giving Paige time off to promote Fighting With My Family is the actual backstage reason for the loss of her GM position, that makes me feel better about the whole thing, but it still leaves the question of what she’ll do when she comes back.

Pre-Show Panels

Cageside Seats reported on “speculation” that Paige will become an analyst on PPV Kickoff Panels, “something like the role Booker T is in now.” That would be a fine thing for Paige to do, and I’d be happy to see her doing it, but it’s not enough for someone like Paige. That’s a job for old men and guys you’ve never heard of who have radio shows, not charismatic 26-year-old performers who fans love. On the other hand, it’s also possible a spot on those panels could be a stepping stone to something bigger.

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