What’s Up With These Unauthorized Arabic WWE Cartoons?

Last week, Seth Rollins tweeted his confusion after a fan tweeted a photo of their favorite wrestler in an “Arabian cartoon.” Both Uproxx commenter Abel Edmisten and Reddit were fairly quick to find a clip of the show in question, but it’s somehow led to more questions than answers.

In the clip above, it seems that Rollins (who keeps a picture of Eddie Guerrero on his wall) (I mean really, don’t we all?) is contacted by someone who names themselves later in the video as a “big wrestling commentator.” They meet briefly, presumably to exchange the Money in the Bank briefcase. The commentator is later stopped in the road by the still-intact Wyatt family. They proceed to rob him of the briefcase, his thobe and his keffiyeh, and then drive off in his car. Reddit user Abodinho translated the full clip, but it still doesn’t explain much.

To further the confusion, more clips were found that somehow make even less sense. For instance, take this musical clip of Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Nikki Bella, The Undertaker, and a violin-playing Big Show:

Once you watch one of the videos with actual Arabic tags and titles, you can find a slew of animated clips in the related videos. No one has offered up any more translations, and I’m reticent to post more videos in another language without actually knowing what’s going on, but if you ever wanted to see A.J. Lee, Kane, Brock Lesnar, and Steve Austin dance together with no explanation required, then I think you just found your new happy place.