Willie Mack Fills Us In On The Return Of Lucha Underground And Life As The Chocolate Juggalo

05.30.17 10 months ago 3 Comments

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On Wednesday night, Lucha Underground will finally return. After waiting nearly six months, the mid-season premiere will feature an All Night Long match between Lucha Underground champion Johnny Mundo and challenger The Mack.

In anticipation of Wednesday night’s events, we got a chance to speak with The Mack (or Willie Mack, as he’s known everywhere outside of Lucha Underground). He was his characteristic give-no-f*cks self, and let us know what we can look forward to … and what his bucket list career goals are.

With Spandex: So, my first question for you: a lot of people in Lucha Underground play different characters than fans are used to seeing on the indies or in other promotions … I want to know, is there a fundamental difference between Willie Mack and The Mack?

Willie Mack: No, same dude. Same damn dude, different first name.

While we’re talking about names, do you happen to have any thoughts — or have you ever come across — Da Mack, from Germany?

No, I haven’t. Cause a lot of people when that Cruiserweight Classic gimmick was going on, they was like, “I didn’t know Willie Mack was there.” And I’m like, huh? And they like, “Oh, he stole Willie’s name.” And I’m like, nah, it’s just some dumb German thingy I guess.

Isn’t he supposed to be called, The Urban something … The Urban German, or something like that? Stupid. It’s like, dog, you ain’t been in America; you don’t know nothin’ about urban. It’s a totally different thing when you come over here.

Would you wrestle him if you had the chance?

If they fly me out there! If I get the chance to go back to Germany, hell yeah, but besides that I don’t … it will be whatever.

All right, so Lucha Underground is coming back from its hiatus with you facing Johnny Mundo for the title. I want to know, how have you felt about this weird gap between the beginning of the title feud and the end of it, where you sort of — they announced the match and then we took six months off.

Yes, sucks, but it helped build it. Cause like y’all was expecting it that last week, but nope. We’re starting off with it for the start of the second-half of season 3. So, hopefully more people will be ready for it, because I’m ready for it. Cause, hell, I ain’t got nothing to watch on Wednesday nights really.

What’s your favorite match that you have had so far in Lucha Underground that we’ve seen?

I guess the one with me and Cage; The two Ultima Lucha matches.

Can you give us any insight as to what you’ve been told about Lucha Underground season 4?

I ain’t been told nothin’ yet. But I don’t know what is happening. You are going to have to wait and find out.

Are you ready to come back if Lucha Underground does come back for a fourth season?

What type of question is that? Hell yeah. Whatchu think?

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