Willie Mack Fills Us In On The Return Of Lucha Underground And Life As The Chocolate Juggalo

On Wednesday night, Lucha Underground will finally return. After waiting nearly six months, the mid-season premiere will feature an All Night Long match between Lucha Underground champion Johnny Mundo and challenger The Mack.

In anticipation of Wednesday night’s events, we got a chance to speak with The Mack (or Willie Mack, as he’s known everywhere outside of Lucha Underground). He was his characteristic give-no-f*cks self, and let us know what we can look forward to … and what his bucket list career goals are.

With Spandex: So, my first question for you: a lot of people in Lucha Underground play different characters than fans are used to seeing on the indies or in other promotions … I want to know, is there a fundamental difference between Willie Mack and The Mack?

Willie Mack: No, same dude. Same damn dude, different first name.

While we’re talking about names, do you happen to have any thoughts — or have you ever come across — Da Mack, from Germany?

No, I haven’t. Cause a lot of people when that Cruiserweight Classic gimmick was going on, they was like, “I didn’t know Willie Mack was there.” And I’m like, huh? And they like, “Oh, he stole Willie’s name.” And I’m like, nah, it’s just some dumb German thingy I guess.

Isn’t he supposed to be called, The Urban something … The Urban German, or something like that? Stupid. It’s like, dog, you ain’t been in America; you don’t know nothin’ about urban. It’s a totally different thing when you come over here.

Would you wrestle him if you had the chance?

If they fly me out there! If I get the chance to go back to Germany, hell yeah, but besides that I don’t … it will be whatever.

All right, so Lucha Underground is coming back from its hiatus with you facing Johnny Mundo for the title. I want to know, how have you felt about this weird gap between the beginning of the title feud and the end of it, where you sort of — they announced the match and then we took six months off.

Yes, sucks, but it helped build it. Cause like y’all was expecting it that last week, but nope. We’re starting off with it for the start of the second-half of season 3. So, hopefully more people will be ready for it, because I’m ready for it. Cause, hell, I ain’t got nothing to watch on Wednesday nights really.

What’s your favorite match that you have had so far in Lucha Underground that we’ve seen?

I guess the one with me and Cage; The two Ultima Lucha matches.

Can you give us any insight as to what you’ve been told about Lucha Underground season 4?

I ain’t been told nothin’ yet. But I don’t know what is happening. You are going to have to wait and find out.

Are you ready to come back if Lucha Underground does come back for a fourth season?

What type of question is that? Hell yeah. Whatchu think?
I want to know your thoughts on everything that’s been going on with the Lucha Underground; your cast mates and what’s been happening with AAA in Mexico?

What’s been happening?

Well there’s the partnership with AAA and Impact Wrestling. They said Lucha Underground characters might wind up in Impact Wrestling, that sort of thing.

Hey, it’s more places where we can be seen and branched out at. It’ll help; it’ll be awesome. And I always wanted to wrestle in a six-sided ring, but we’ll see what happens though.

Now you wrestle in PCW, and Pentagon Dark also wrestles there. Have you noticed any difference between how people like Pentagon and Phoenix perform in the Lucha Underground ring and how they perform in other companies?

Nah, it seems the same to me. Pretty much the same.

Who is your favorite person to wrestle in the entire world? And who would be your dream opponent you never met up with before?

Favorite person to wrestle would probably be Scorpio Sky, and I guess a dream opponent will be 2 Cold Scorpio, or Flash Funk. Cause he was like one of the innovators of the high-flying stuff for heavy black people.

Do you think more people should know about Scorpio Sky?

Yeah, he’s awesome. He’s just never had the right opportunities yet I guess, but we’ll see what happens with so many companies popping up with TV deals and whatnot. It’s like, this dude should be somewhere and seen by more people.

Now earlier in your career, one of your nicknames that you went by was the Chocolate Juggalo. What is your relationship like with ICP these days?

It’s good never been bad. They know who I am they hit me up to do the gathering and they said that they like that I’m chilling in on Lucha Underground, and it’s more fresh because I’m a juggalo too and respect that. And I’m like – hell yeah. It’s like I listened to y’all music since I was little and now y’all know who I am and respect the hell out of what I do. Hell yeah it’s awesome.

How often do you listen to Psychopathic Records stuff, or what are you listening to the most these days?

I listen to everything. Mostly I listen to Kottonmouth Kings, Twiztid, ICP, Tech N9ne a lot … who else? Kung Fu Vampire. Some more people, Death Grips, if you ever heard of them? Yeah them … That’s about it, and whatever is on the radio when I’m in the car.

So you have pretty eclectic taste in music. Do you think you have kind of different tastes in music than most of the other wrestlers you hang out with?

Some of them like the stuff I’ll be playing, like you know most people [will say], “Oh turn that shit off.” But like, after they hear me playing it so much they’ll be like, “Hey who sings that song?” And I’ll tell them, they’ll be like, “all right.” And next thing I know they end up downloading it on their phone or something and I’ll like walk past and I can hear them playing it. I’m like, “Aww this motherfucker right here.”

Do you think you’ll ever end up in PWG or WWE again. I know you’ve talked a lot the WWE thing, but do you think you’ll ever pop up in either one of those promotions someday?

I don’t know, it’s up to them. Cause everybody be like … They’ll ask me questions like that, they’ll be like, “Oh wouldn’t go out back to this and that?” It’s like, I ain’t got no power to do that; that’s up to the promoters. Once they stop acting dumb and getting they head out they ass, that’s when I’ll be there. Until, then, I won’t.

Who would you like to work with that you haven’t worked with yet? Besides 2 Cold Scorpio.

Probably Super Dragon. Yeah, cause if he’s healthy enough, I’d like to wrestle his ass, but until then I don’t know.

What kind of … Do you want have like a gorilla warfare match with him or what?

Any kind of match would be good, but just know it ain’t end up being a regular match after we done.

All right so I want to know what are your goals for if there is a fourth season of Lucha Underground, and the rest of the third season? What would your goals and then what are your ultimate career goals? What do you hope to accomplish before you finally call it quits one day?

Well my goals with Lucha Underground is to have good-ass matches and probably collect some gold along the way. Like some kind of championships. And then my overall goal is just keep having fun while I can. I want to wrestle in India. Probably a little more in Europe, then go back to Japan. And hopefully see myself in a video game one day. And that’s about it … pretty much — oh, and an action figure, and that’s about it.

What’s your favorite wrestling video game?

No Mercy, for 64.

Who would you pick usually, in No Mercy?

Austin. Besides that, the other favorite video game is Fire Pro Wrestling. Remember that?

So you brought up Steve Austin … How much fun do you have when you deliver those Stunners? Is that just a blast for you?

I guess so. It’s fun it’s just like cause I grew up as a kid watching Austin. It’s like, it’s effective. Because like I said, it don’t matter if you tall, skinny, fat – -whatever it is, anybody can get hit with a Stunner. Well, except Linda McMahon.

Yeah, Linda McMahon and Trump, right?

Oh, and Sgt. Slaughter. Sgt. Slaughter … it was like Austin [said] “Get down on your knees; it’s a Stunner,” and [Slaughter was] like, “Oh you mean Diamond Cutter?” And just — it’ll look like you choked him.

So my last question for you; Who should fans keep their eye on in Lucha Underground that’s really gonna break out and be huge?

Probably Killshot maybe … Got to put the homie in there. And that’s about it so far. Bunch of them already seen and broke out, but least one of them needs to get a shot.