With Leather’s Watch This: The Chicago Blackhawks Can Count

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06.24.13 3 Comments

Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks posted the above image to their Instagram account yesterday with the caption “No caption needed.” Well, if no caption was needed, then why is there a caption? I’m not trying to be a jerk and argue stupid semantics, but I think we’re doing a great disservice to captions in general by saying that one isn’t needed. First, we say that one caption isn’t needed, then it’s thousands of unnecessary captions, and finally every caption is out of work and taking welfare from the government.

No, you shut up.

Stanley Cup Finals

Game 6: Blackhawks at Bruins – 8 PM ET on NBC

With the Blackhawks up 3-2 and on the verge of the franchise’s fifth Stanley Cup, I think I speak for most of America when I say that Boston needs to win this, not to deprive Chicago of a championship, but for the sake of an exciting series and the increased popularity of the NHL so it can be pulled back from the depths of NBC Sports hell, where Mike Florio is free to Tweet at me that his jokes are funny.

College World Series

Game 1: UCLA vs. Mississippi State – 8 PM ET on ESPN

I was really devastated that No. 1 UNC was defeated by UCLA on Friday night, not because I care about which team wins, but because the Tar Heels have a player named Skye Bolt. That might be my new favorite cool sports name.

WWE Monday Night Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

I don’t know or care what’s happening on tonight’s show, because I’m still trying to figure out when Jeff Hardy turned into Phyllis Diller.

hardy face

MLB: Giants at Dodgers – 10 PM ET on ESPN 2

Hey Magic Johnson, the Dodgers are starting to look good. Are you excited about their chances of turning it around?

Magic Popcorn

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