Watch A Racist Get His Car Window Broken With A Little Sweet Chin Music

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10.25.16 33 Comments

It is the year 2016, and the line between wrestling and WorldStar has never been thinner. Just last month, Xavier Woods filmed an in-ring WWE brawl while yelling “WORLDSTAR” repeatedly. Now we have an enterprising young man stand up for himself against someone who (allegedly) called him a racial epithet by SUPERKICKING THE HOLY JESUS OUT OF HIS CAR WINDOW.

Look at the form of that sucker! That’s a better superkick than Stevie Richards ever threw, I’m pretty sure. That’s a Young Bucks-quality superkick. It just goes to show the effect that Shawn Michaels has had on today’s youth. Or maybe Glacier. Yeah, it’s probably the influence of WCW’s Glacier.

We aren’t quite sure what happened after this, but it probably involved the guy getting out of the car and trying to low blow this kid, leading to him mouthing the words “I’m sorry; I love you,” before superkicking him STRAIGHT TO HELL.

I’m just kidding. I bet the guy drove away scared as hell. But this video proves beyond a shadow of a doubt: The superkick is a viable form of legitimate self-defense. Who says you can’t learn anything worthwhile from professional wrestling? Certainly none of us here at With Spandex.

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