Reliving The Very Worst Moments In WWE Raw History

01.22.18 6 months ago 47 Comments


WWE’s Monday Night Raw turns 25 on Monday night, so congratulations to Raw on being finally able to rent a car without additional fees!

Raw has had so many memorable moments over its two and a half decades on the air. WWE compiled their own list, “decided in part” by the fans, of the top 25 moments in Raw history, which contains some of the best the show has had to offer. Surprising wins, devastating losses, debuts, returns, betrayals and team-ups, in addition to quality professional wrestling, have made the show worth watching.

But no program, no matter how good, can run for 25 years without some stinkers along the way (Looking at you, Simpsons.) So I embarked on an arduous, often painful quest to find the very worst moments in Raw history. Watching the clips of the contenders may have taken years off my life.

From the Attitude Era needing to be edgy at all times, to the ’00s stagnation from lack of competition, Monday Night Raw has featured a lot of garbage. This list contains what I believe to be the 10 worst moments in Raw history.

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