What Would Be The Worst WrestleMania Card Possible For 2018?

11.07.17 1 year ago 29 Comments


It’s about that time of the year where predicting the card for the biggest show of the year starts to become slightly less absurd. As soon as one begins to fantasize about who’s the last one standing at the Royal Rumble, your mind easily wanders over to April and before you know it, you’ve made up your mind about how you believe WrestleMania should be shaped.

Over at /r/SquaredCircle, a Reddit user with a screen name so embarrassing I feel awful typing it out but slightly less awful hyperlinking to it, is having their own WrestleMania Moment with a “Worst possible WrestleMania card” thread so chock-full of funny ideas that we’re highlighting the best with our own commentary over here at With Spandex to make the absolute worst possible WrestleMania card ever.

This is really pretty painful to put together as I want nothing but the best for WrestleMania in New Orleans. But this is also kind of therapeutic because it can’t really be this bad, right? Onward!

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