The 15 Worst Things That Happened In WWE In 2015

Earlier this week, we celebrated the best of the year with our top 10 pro wrestling matches of 2015. Today, as we’re known to do, it’s time to celebrate the worst. Maybe “celebrate” isn’t the right word. Sternly remind?

Below are my choices for the 15 worst things that happened in WWE in 2015. I tried to keep the list related to what we actually saw on the shows, or things that happened offscreen that directly affected what we saw on it. The deaths of WWE legends Dusty Rhodes and Rowdy Roddy Piper are obviously the very worst things that happened in wrestling this year, but you can read a lot about them at those respective links.

Let’s take a look at the goofiest, most disappointing and most unexplainably bad things that went down on or around WWE TV this year, from Eva Marie’s reflexes to Roman Reigns’ mouth.

Curtis Axel Hulk Hogan Snoop Dogg

15. Axelmania Ends Up Worse Than Hulkamania

Before Hulk Hogan was fired for being a humongous racist, he and Snoop Dogg teamed up to reminisce about WrestleMania III, make weed jokes and beat up Curtis Axel. Snoop and Hulk did muscle poses, and Axel developed some kind of weird PTSD that caused him to start dressing in full Hogan cosplay. More on that a little later.

WWE probably should’ve fired Hogan for the sentence, “I knew Snoopamania was gonna be dropping it like it was hot forever, brother!”

Note: There’s a running theme of “old stars and celebrities beat up new stars to make sure they have as little support and momentum as possible” in 2015. Also in 2014. And in every year ever.

14. Eva Marie Forgets To Kick

Eva Marie in developmental has been a difficult conversation all year. On the one hand, you want her to develop. You want her to practice and improve and stop wrestling like a wizard’s curse brought a mannequin to life, but not all the way. On the other, NXT has evolved into something a little more than “developmental.” It’s its own brand (especially if you listen to the people at the top) and is more “get comfortable with how WWE TV works” developmental than “learn the basics of wrestling” developmental. Cagey two-year veteran Eva Marie didn’t seem to be comfortable with either version.