Take A Look At The First Pics Of The WrestleMania 32 Set Being Built

Pro Wrestling Editor
03.25.16 7 Comments
WrestleMania 32 logo


WrestleMania 32 is so close, you guys.

So close, in fact, that production has begun on the WrestleMania set inside AT&T Stadium. So far it’s gone from looking like the world’s largest hockey rink to looking like an OCD storage unit, but it’s happening. Take a look at the first photos from social media below, and try to imagine the rest of it in your head. We’re getting an enormous star somewhere, right?

Part of me hopes they’re going through all this trouble to build the normal Raw set inside a billion-dollar football stadium. We’ll keep you updated on the progress, especially when it starts to look like something, and hope they do another one of those “Vince McMahon screams his way through a set tour” videos. “IT’S THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE!”

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