The New Day Revealed The Full Set For WrestleMania 33

Every year, WWE attempts to outdo themselves with their set, stage, and stadium setup for WrestleMania. For over a week, we’ve brought you news about the construction of the WrestleMania 33 set at Camping World Stadium. We knew it was absolutely enormous, and we suspected that the “Ultimate Thrill Ride” tagline for the event might hint at the set being a roller coaster.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, WWE released a video with the official hosts of WrestleMania 33, The New Day, as they gave us our first look at the massive, jaw-dropping stadium setup. It IS a roller coaster (kind of), and it might in fact be the most impressive set they’ve ever done. Which is really, really saying something.


My goodness gracious. The globe! The LED ramp that Charles Robinson will have to sprint 400 yards down during the main event! THE PYRO AND BALLYHOO. It’s still a LITTLE bit weird that there’s a big ring atop the actual ring, but I’m sure that we’ll get used to it and/or won’t even notice it soon enough. And also please pray for Shane McMahon, because he probably begged Vince to let him drop an elbow from the UPPER top rope.