WrestleMania 34 Broke WWE’s Own Superdome Records

04.09.18 1 year ago


Whenever WrestleMania is in town, not only are the host city officials happy about the revenue it brings in, but it’ll likely set some records along the way. WrestleMania 34 will continue an impressive trend, as WWE managed to break their own records for revenue and attendance this year.

The week-long event in New Orleans that started on Thursday with AXXESS, continued on Saturday with NXT Takeover, and will run all the way through Tuesday with Smackdown Live has already brought in $14.1 million in revenue thus far. This surpasses the $10.9 million record the company had already set in New Orleans four years prior during WrestleMania 30.

On top of the revenue breaking records, Mercedes Benz stadium saw their own attendance record broken as 78,133 fans packed the arena. This number surpasses WrestleMania 30, which packed in 75,167 fans. Both of these attendance numbers are in the top-ten of WrestleMania attendances of all time, with WrestleMania 34 coming in at 6th place (just 250 fans below WrestleMania 28) and WrestleMania 30 coming in 9th.

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