Bray Wyatt’s Gross WrestleMania 33 Ring Projection Quickly Went From Psychological Terror To Joke

Bray Wyatt tried his best to get into Randy Orton’s head by playing various disturbing images of maggots, flies, and worms on the ring at WrestleMania, but the psychological torture (???) failed and Wyatt dropped the belt clean despite his efforts.

Who wouldn’t be horrified by this sight, rendering them unable to compete?

Apparently, Randy Orton, who was the target of the disturbing images but pretty much no-sold them. As a result, most fans didn’t like it. Especially since it didn’t pay off for the former champ:

So now we know that maggot projections don’t work out well in a pro wrestling match. Poor Wyatt, he probably thought these impressive production values would lead him to a title defense. Instead, they turned into a weird mini-meme that’s starting to pick up steam on Twitter.

Rick and Morty think outside the box when promoting their third season.

Preparing for the MST3K reboot, cool: