WWE’s Evolution Of WrestleMania Entrances Video Is The Pre-Mania Nostalgia Trip You Need

03.21.16 2 years ago 31 Comments

WWE posted the above video chronicling 30 years of WrestleMania entrances, and it’s amazing.

WrestleMania entrances haven’t always been big-budget, eye-popping spectacles. From the humble beginnings of WrestleMania I to the grandeur of last year’s edition, watch entrances transform in this era-spanning video. Leave a comment with your favorite WrestleMania entrance.


– Not only is it fun to see entrances get bigger and more elaborate, but it’s fun to follow guys who’ve been in the company for decades from their first appearances up through their most recent. Like, how great is it to see Triple H go from a curtseying guy in a robe to entering from Castle Greyskull and commanding an army of Terminators?

– The Undertaker has been making dope WrestleMania entrances for longer than a lot of you have been born, but we already knew that.

– Rusev’s tank entrance from WrestleMania 31 is still the greatest single WrestleMania entrance ever. You can fight me on it, but you’re wrong.

– I miss the spectacle John Cena Mania entrances. He had an army of clones, crashed into the arena in a car and entered via gospel choir. I think I care more about John Cena entrances at WrestleMania than John Cena at WrestleMania.

Like the description says, tell us what your favorite Mania entrance is. Well, second favorite. Because Rusev.

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