WWE May Be Considering Having Its First Overseas WrestleMania

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06.15.17 21 Comments

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We already know that in 2018, New Orleans will once again be the host city for WrestleMania, WWE’s crown jewel event. Beyond that, we know that there are tentative plans for WrestleMania to return to the Orlando area every few years, because the thrill rides there are of the ultimate variety. We also know that Minneapolis has been fighting tooth and nail for years to bring Mania to the new Vikings stadium, but there are no concrete plans for host cities beyond 2018.

So consider our eyebrows raised that The Independent is reporting WWE may be considering London as one of the future host cities for WrestleMania. The logistics of a London-based WrestleMania (or live pay-per-view, in general) have always been sticky, given the time difference between the United Kingdom and North America, but a recent poll asked WWE fans about potential future Mania sites, and London was right in there, alongside Toronto, New York, and other familiar cities.

WWE hasn’t had a major PPV air live from London since SummerSlam was held in Wembley Stadium in 1992. That 25-year gap should tell you all you need to know about WWE’s traditional thinking in trying it again, but for those of us who grew up watching wrestling in that era, that 1992 SummerSlam was one of, if not the most awe-inspiring events of the age. The outdoor, daytime crowd of 80,000-plus packed into the arena is unforgettable, and left a lasting impression on WWF fans who saw it in their formative years.

So yeah, let’s do the dang thing. Bring on London, and screw the time difference. We’re ready for it.

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