‘Wrestling’s Living Legend’ Larry Zbyszko Will Be Part The WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2015

On Monday Night RAW, Rikishi was officially added to the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2015, an announcement that was accompanied by two or three solid minutes of giant Samoan ass being shoved in people’s faces. My fiance was in the room while the announcement was made. I had to do some explaining. Thankfully, the next Hall of Fame announcement video will (probably) include far less graphic ass cellulite.

According to PWInsider, Larry Zbyszko will be entering the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Most of you probably remember Larry Zbyszko (my poor spellchecker) as a longtime color commentator for WCW, but the height of his career took place in the WWF in the very early ’80s. Zbyszko had played the role of Bruno Sammartino’s protege for years, but as Bruno’s career began to wind down, Zbyszko felt he needed to emerge from his shadow. He challenged Bruno to a gentleman’s exhibition, but unfortunately for Zbyszko, things didn’t go his way. Mid-way through the match, Zbyszko lost it, nailed Bruno with a chair and left him laying in a pool of blood, an unusually hard-edged angle for the WWF at the time. The heel turn worked a little too well – Zbyszko’s cars were often mobbed, and at one point, he was even stabbed by a fan in the backside. So, I guess Larry’s Hall of Fame announcement video might have some ass-related content after all.

During his career, Larry Zbyszko would win the WWF Tag Team Championships once, the AWA World Championship twice and Best Feud of 1980 from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. His work as a heel has been cited as a major influence for numerous bad guys, such as late-career “The Best In The World At What He Does” Chris Jericho. You can watch his infamous heel turn below…

via PWInsider