WWE Will Move 205 Live To A New Day With A Far Better Time Slot

09.15.18 9 months ago 12 Comments

It hasn’t always been pretty, but WWE has managed to turn 205 Live into an incredibly fun hour of television. Its inherent issue, however, is that watching it can be a pain in the neck — the show airs on the WWE Network after Smackdown Live goes off the air on USA. This basically means that, if you want to watch, you have to go from cable to some other way of watching television at 10 p.m. on a weeknight. This also comes on the heels of having just watched Raw for three straight hours the night before.

Apparently, WWE realized that this arrangement stinks on ice, and in an effort to highlight the cruiserweight division a little more, has decided to move the program to a new time on a different day of the week. This, according to WWENetworkNews.com, will lead to the show kicking off a block on Wednesday nights including NXT and the Mae Young Classic.

205 Live will air at 7 PM EST on Wednesday, and will be a part of a three hour block alongside NXT and for several more weeks, the Mae Young Classic. It’s unclear if this is temporary for the Mixed Match Challenge, but if the views remain similar or higher, chances are the change will remain. It’s also unclear if they do keep this change as to whether or not the brand will change it’s name to just WWE 205.

It’s a piece of great news, as it gives WWE the opportunity to showcase its cruiserweight division at a much more favorable time. Plus it gives wrestling fans the opportunity to spend more time watching the Network as they get ready for NXT, which probably isn’t new for a lot of people, but at least Wednesday nights will be a little more fun now.

(Via WWE Network News)

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