Check Out New ‘WWE 2K16’ Details And Steve Austin ‘Welcoming’ Arnold Schwarzenegger to The Game

Yesterday 2K Games pulled the wraps back on WWE 2K16 , and while the game’s virtual Finn Balor is pretty rad, the game looked disconcertingly similar to last year’s flawed WWE 2K15. Well, 2K Games have sent us some new information about the WWE 2K16‘s in-ring gameplay, and thankfully, it turns out the game will feature more improvements than you might think.

We already covered the game’s revamped reversal system yesterday, but WWE 2K16 will also boast the following in-ring improvements…

Improved Controls: Basically, 2K16 will do a better job of separating strikes from grapples, and reduce those annoying moments where you go for one move, and pull off something completely different. That’s been a problem with pretty much every wrestling game ever, so if 2K can deliver on this promise, it will be big.

A New Pin System: This one is very welcome, since the pins in 2K15 used an annoying timing mechanic and were generally pretty terrible. The new system will also allow you to go for “dirty” pins (feet on the ropes, and whanot) and yell at the ref after a close two-count. Not sure what gameplay purpose of yelling at the ref would serve, but I’d do it after every pin anyways.

Working Holds: Yes, you can now do straight-up rest holds in WWE 2K16. Points for realism, I guess!

Dynamic Entrances: You can now control your character during their entrance, and even jump your opponent before the match starts.

2K Games is also promising some base-level improvements, like a major reduction in loading times (that particularly frustrating one between the entrances and match is gone) and online code that will actually work.

And hey, while we’re on the subject of WWE 2K16, here’s Steve Austin “welcoming” Arnold Schwarzenegger to the game

Oooo, damn, “stack of dimes neck.” Those are fighting words when you’re talking to a Terminator. WWE 2K16 hits shelves Oct. 27.