Check Out Seth Rollins And Finn Balor In Action In The First ‘WWE 2K16’ Gameplay Footage

Last year’s WWE 2K15 tried some ambitious stuff, and dragged WWE games kicking and screaming into the current generation, but the game ultimately left a lot to be desired. Frustrating, slow-paced matches, a hobbled create-a-player and a dull career mode were among the game’s fairly long list of issues. Basically, WWE 2K16 has its work cut out for it.

Well, 2K Games has finally made some gameplay footage of WWE 2K16 available (which you can check out above), and the game is looking distressingly similar to last year’s game. In fact, there seem to be even more meters and QuickTime minigames popping up onscreen. Thankfully, according to IGN who posted these videos, the out-of-control countering from 2K15 has been toned down. You now get a limited number of reversals and have to use them wisely, rather than just mashing the reversal button every time your opponent attacks.

Other things included or improved, according to IGN: Create-a-Diva, create-a-PPV and create-a-championship are back, you can now have ladder, handicap and tornado tag matches, and JBL is joining the commentary booth. Okay, so not all the changes are for the better.

You can watch Seth Rollins’ and Finn Balor’s WWE 2K16 entrances below…

It looks like 2K Games is going with incremental improvements with WWE 2K16 when, honestly, they kind of needed to throw the Hornswoggle out with the bathwater. What do you folks think? Excited for the next WWE game, or are you going to sit this year out?

(Via IGN)