‘WWE 2K16’ Announces 12 New Playable Wrestlers And Unleashes Kalisto’s Entrance

As you may have heard, WWE 2K16 is going to have a whopping 120 wrestlers to choose from. Rather than unload them all in one steaming mass, 2K Games is going to be portioning them out a dozen or so at a time over the coming weeks. Here’s this week’s rather random assortment

Booker T, Colonel Mustafa, Emma, Eva Marie, General Adnan, Kalisto, Kane, Lord Steven Regal, Sin Cara, Summer Rae, Tamina and Triple H.

Some interesting names on that list. 2K Games has claimed most of the 120 characters on the roster will be unique rather than cheesy duplicates, but there’s Iron Sheik in his pro-Iraq Colonel Mustafa role. Also, it’s going to be extra weird to have all these ’80s villains who existed entirely to be squashed by Hulk Hogan in the game that no longer has Hogan. On the plus side, LORD STEVEN REGAL returns, and Emma gets to continue paying her rent with another year of video-game residuals.

While we’re at it, here’s Kalisto’s entrance…

Aw, look at poor Wade Barrett, just waiting outside, resigned to his fate even in the world of video games. We’ll keep you updated as any new WWE 2K16 characters or features are announced.

(Via IGN)